Strategical partners




- Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of KaliningradRegion, Russia. ( represented in SAAP)
- Leading local and foreign research institutes, organizations in agriculture, BioEnergy, Forest, and other.
- Leading persons, farmers and  organisations in Sustainable Agriculture worldwide.

- Leading Local Agro Holding:  Sits a representative  position  in SAAP, Sustainable Agricultural Advisory  Platform , and is coordinator  between its own Agro Holding and  SuPortNet Agro in the Agro 100 project.

  The Holding is active in farming and plans to expand its domestic market of value added agricultural products. 


 This integrated industrial agro holding wants to continue to expand their production also for foreign markeds ( incl EU )  gaining new foreign relations through SAAP and SuPortNet Agro.

   Agreements have been established between this holding and SuPortNet Agro for longterm rent of large scale farming land in Kaliningrad. The wish of a positive implementation of the Agro 100, visions of SAAP and  the Kaliningrad Authorities-  and the wish of increased profitability - are reasons why this local   agro holding has given possibilities to foreign farmers to rent land in this Agro 100  project at competitive conditions within the cooperation frame set by same Agro Holding,  SAAP, SuPortNet Agro and in accordance with regulations of Ministry of Agriculture.  2008